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HUGE question: How long does it take for a giraffe to throw up?

Answer: IDK, ask a giraffe

Jeep! the road game

Its Origin

One day, I was headed to a DC United game with my dad. It took a long time to get there, so I decided to play a road game. In the movie up, at the end of the movie, Russel (the kid) and Carl (the old man) were playing a game called "Red Car, Blue Car." One person goes for red cars, and the other goes for blue cars. The you would see who gets more points. I made some modifications to it though. every jeep would be five points when you see it. You call out "Jeep!" before the other person. After the Soccer game, we were driving back and played again, but it was too dark for us to see the color of the cars. Then my dad just decided to go for the Jeeps. That is when the "Jeep!" idea came along. We decided the Jeeps would be 1 point. Then blue and red Jeeps to be 5 points, and purple Jeeps to be 10 points. (Purple Jeeps are very rare.) We chose purple because red and blue makes purple and they are rare, so it fit.

Game Rules